A New Breed of Vertical Wall Planter

The Vàs modular planter aims to redefine how we grow plants in urban environments.  Designed to be fun, decorative, and eco-friendly, Vàs brings the joy of gardening to even the smallest of spaces.

Vàs began its life with three close college friends and one grand idea.  Despite our small college living spaces, we were determined to find a way to bring nature indoors.
From the very first sketch, all the way through several early prototypes, one thing became clear: we weren’t the only ones yearning for a little more green.  With tons of positive feedback, and several offers for purchase, we decided to take our idea to market.
In August of 2015 we launched our Kickstarter campaign and quickly surpassed our inital funding goal.  After months of refinement and manufacturing, our goal to bring nature indoors was finally realized.  The result was Vàs, a product that is modular, sustainable, and asthetically pleasing.


The perfect fit for a modern home.